InputMode Enumeration

Specifies the input modes that can be set on the Smartphone using an InputModeEditor.

Namespace: Microsoft.WindowsCE.Forms
Assembly: Microsoft.WindowsCE.Forms (in microsoft.windowsce.forms.dll)

public enum InputMode
public enum InputMode
public enum InputMode

 Member nameDescription
Supported by the .NET Compact FrameworkAlphaABCThis is the conventional method for entering text, called multi-tap, which requires up to four key presses depending on the letter being entered.  
Supported by the .NET Compact FrameworkAlphaCurrentMaintains the current T9 or ABC selection for entering alpha characters as set by the user by holding down the star key (*) on a Smartphone. This mode is shared across the system so that any text box set with this mode, including text box controls in native Windows CE applications, will adhere to the last T9 or ABC choice as set by the user. This ability to match user preferences makes this the preferred input mode for text boxes that accept alpha characters. 

Note that if the user selects a numeric input mode (123) with the star key for a text box set to AlphaCurrent, the text box will only accept numeric characters but will be set to the current alpha input mode (T9 or ABC) when the text box loses and regains focus .

Supported by the .NET Compact FrameworkAlphaT9This input mode is the T9 predictive text input feature on the Smartphone. 
Supported by the .NET Compact FrameworkDefaultThe user’s preferred input mode, based on the user’s last input mode selection in a control. 
Supported by the .NET Compact FrameworkNumericThis input mode accepts only numeric characters and symbols. 

You can set the input mode only on a TextBox.

Supported on Smartphone 2003.

Using this class on a device other than the Smartphone or on a control other than a TextBox fails but no exception is thrown.

How to: Set Smartphone Input Modes.NET Compact Framework
How to: Set Smartphone Input Modes.NET Compact Framework
How to: Set Smartphone Input Modes.NET Compact Framework

The following code example sets a text box to have a numeric input mode. This code example is part of a larger example provided for the InputModeEditor class.

// Set input mode for phone number text box to Numeric.
InputModeEditor.SetInputMode(textBox2, InputMode.Numeric);

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