This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

VCConfiguration Methods 

  Name Description
Public method Build Builds the current configuration.  
Public method BuildWithPropertySheet Used to set properties for builds.  
Public method BuildWithPropertySheetPath Specifies a property sheet search path.  
Public method Clean Invokes the Clean command for the current configuration.  
Public method ClearToolProperty Clears the tool property value.  
Public method CopyTo Copies the current configuration.  
Public method Delete Microsoft Internal Use Only.  
Public method Deploy Deploys the project.  
Public method Evaluate Evaluates the value of a project model or environment macro. See Macros for Build Commands and Properties for more information about these macros.  
Public method MatchName Matches a specified name to the name of a collection item.  
Public method Rebuild Rebuilds the current configuration.  
Public method Relink Relink the project.  
Public method StopBuild Cancels the build currently in progress on the specified configuration.  
Public method WaitForBuild Suspends processing until build is complete.