tagVSQuerySaveResult Enumeration
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tagVSQuerySaveResult Enumeration

This enumeration specifies values that can be returned from the QuerySaveFile method and the QuerySaveFiles method.

Namespace: Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.Interop
Assembly: Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.Interop (in microsoft.visualstudio.shell.interop.dll)

public enum tagVSQuerySaveResult
public enum tagVSQuerySaveResult
public enum tagVSQuerySaveResult

 Member nameDescription
QSR_ForceSaveAsThe file cannot be saved using the original file name. The Save As command must be used. 
QSR_NoSave_CancelThe file cannot be saved. User cancelled the Save. 
QSR_NoSave_ContinueThe file cannot be saved, but other files in the batch can be processed. 
QSR_NoSave_NoisyPromptRequiredThe file cannot be saved because user intervention is required; however, silent mode has been requested. 
QSR_NoSave_UserCanceledThe file cannot be saved. User pressed the Cancel button. 
QSR_SaveOKThe file can be saved. 

These values are not bit flags.

The QSR_NoSave_UserCanceled and QSR_NoSave_Cancel flags are synonymous.

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