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__VSMEINIT Enumeration

Specifies initialization parameters for the Menu Editor.

Namespace: Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.Interop
Assembly: Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.Interop (in

public enum __VSMEINIT
public enum __VSMEINIT
public enum __VSMEINIT

 Member nameDescription
MD_BOLDSUPPORTSupports bold formatting. 
MD_BOTTOMDOCKEDThis menu should dock on the bottom, and popups should cascade upward. 
MD_BREAKSUPPORTSupports the break and barbreak flags on menu items. 
MD_COMMANDIDSUPPORTMeans no Control names. Like VC. 
MD_CONTEXTMENUSupports a context menu. 
MD_EDITIDSNOTEDITNAMESMenu item "Edit Names" is displayed as "Edit ID's". 
MD_NAMELIMITUse the MEINIT dwNameLimit field. 
MD_NOPROPERTIESSUPPORTDoes not support the Properties command. 
MD_NOUNDOSUPPORTDoes not store undo information, even if passed an undo manager. 
MD_RIGHTJUSTIFYSUPPORTSupports the right justification of menu bar items (moves all to the right of the bar). 
MD_TEXTLIMITUses the MEINIT dwTextLimit field. 
MD_TOPLEVELSEPSUPPORTAllows separators on the top-level menu. 
MD_VIEWCODESUPPORTSupports the ViewCode command. 

The VSMEINIT enumerations is a member of the __VSMEINIT structure, which is a parameter of CreateMenuEditor.

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