This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

__VSFPROPID Enumeration

Specifies property identifiers for window frames, document frames, and tool window frames.

Namespace: Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.Interop
Assembly: Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.Interop (in

public enum __VSFPROPID
public enum __VSFPROPID
public enum __VSFPROPID

 Member nameDescription
VSFPROPID_AltDocDataUNK. If this window is editing a piece of a larger document, then VSFPROPID_AltDocData is the DocData object for the piece of the document that is being edited within the window, where as the VSFPROPID_RDTDocData is the DocData object for the entire document registered in the RDT. VSFPROPID_AltDocData objects are not registered in the RDT. Document Windows that have VSFPROPID_AltDocData objects are created using CDW_fAltDocData flag.  
VSFPROPID_BitmapIndexI4. Index into strip if bitmap handle is a strip. 
VSFPROPID_BitmapResourceI4. Resource number of bitmaps in satellite dll. 
VSFPROPID_CaptionBSTR. Full window caption. 
VSFPROPID_CmdUIGuidGUID used to control visibility of toolbars and AutoVisible tool windows. 
VSFPROPID_CreateDocWinFlagsI4. __VSCREATEDOCWIN flags passed to CreateDocumentWindow
VSFPROPID_CreateToolWinFlags__VSCREATETOOLWIN flags passed to CreateToolWindow
VSFPROPID_DocCookieI4. IVsRunningDocumentTable (RDT) key. 
VSFPROPID_DocDataUNK. Returns VSFPROPID_AltDocData if available, otherwise returns RDTDocData  
VSFPROPID_DocViewUNK. Object that fills the client area of the window  
VSFPROPID_EditorCaptionBSTR. Portion of caption defined by editor implementation. 
VSFPROPID_ExtWindowObjectUNK. Environment's "Window" automation IDispatch object 
VSFPROPID_FIRSTIndicates the first property ID. 
VSFPROPID_FrameModeI4. Docked, float, etc 
VSFPROPID_GuidAutoActivateOBSOLETE. Do not use. 
VSFPROPID_guidEditorTypeGUID. Uniquely identifies which IVsEditorFactory created the document. 
VSFPROPID_GuidPersistenceSlotGUID. Uniquely identifies a tool window type. 
VSFPROPID_HideToolwinContainerI2. Makes the tool window's container hidden when saving data file. 
VSFPROPID_HierarchyUNK. Owning IVsHierarchy 
VSFPROPID_InheritKeyBindingsGUID. Most often used by a window to inherit the key bindings of the TextEditor 
VSFPROPID_IsWindowTabbedI2. Tabbed state 
VSFPROPID_MultiInstanceToolNumI4. ID of a multi-instance tool window 
VSFPROPID_OwnerCaptionBSTR. Portion of caption defined by owning IVsHierarchy 
VSFPROPID_pszMkDocumentBSTR. pszMkDocument passed to CreateDocumentWindow
VSFPROPID_pszPhysicalViewBSTR. Identifies the type of window created by the IVsEditorFactory (e.g. "Form") 
VSFPROPID_RDTDocDataUNK. DocData registered in the RDT for the document in this frame 
VSFPROPID_ShortCaptionBSTR. Partial window caption 
VSFPROPID_SPFrameUNK. IServiceProvider which is site object for VSFPROPID_DocView object 
VSFPROPID_SPProjContextUNK. IServiceProvider provided by the owning IVsHierarchy 
VSFPROPID_ToolbarHostUNK. IVsToolbarHost used to add toolbars to window. Property is only valid if CTW_fToolbarHost or UIHWF_SupportToolWindowToolbars is specified. 
VSFPROPID_TypeI4. Frame type - document or tool. For all frame windows, 1== Document Frame, 2 == Tool Frame. 
VSFPROPID_UserContextUNK. IVsUserContext 
VSFPROPID_ViewHelperUNK. Additional interfaces for control (For all frame windows.) 
VSFPROPID_WindowHelpCmdTextBSTR. Command text for cmdidWindowHelp 
VSFPROPID_WindowHelpKeywordBSTR. Keyword for cmdidWindowHelp 
VSFPROPID_WindowStateI4. Normal, Minimized, or Maximized 

COM Signature

From vsshell.idl:

The descriptions associated with each enumeration element are the data types that are associated with an object's properties.