DbSyncScopeDescription Class

SQL Server 2008 R2

Represents a synchronization scope, which is a logical grouping of tables (optionally filtered) that are synchronized as a unit.

Namespace: Microsoft.Synchronization.Data
Assembly: Microsoft.Synchronization.Data (in microsoft.synchronization.data.dll)

public class DbSyncScopeDescription
/** @attribute SerializableAttribute() */ 
public class DbSyncScopeDescription
public class DbSyncScopeDescription

The following code example describes a scope named filtered_customer, and adds three tables to the scope: Customer, CustomerContact, and NewTable. The first two tables already exist in the server database, so the GetDescriptionForTable method is used to retrieve the schema from the server database. All columns from the Customer table are included, but only two columns from the CustomerContact table are included. The NewTable table is defined by using DbSyncTableDescription and DbSyncColumnDescription objects, and then the table is created in the server database (and in the other databases that synchronize with it). To view this code in the context of a complete example, see How to: Configure and Execute Collaborative Synchronization (SQL Server).

DbSyncTableDescription newTableDescription = new DbSyncTableDescription("Sales.NewTable");

DbSyncColumnDescription newTableIdCol = new DbSyncColumnDescription();
DbSyncColumnDescription newTableContentCol = new DbSyncColumnDescription();

newTableIdCol.UnquotedName = "NewTableId";
newTableIdCol.Type = "int";
newTableIdCol.IsPrimaryKey = true;

newTableContentCol.UnquotedName = "NewTableContent";
newTableContentCol.Type = "nvarchar";
newTableContentCol.Size = "100";
newTableContentCol.IsPrimaryKey = false;



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