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PercentCompleteEventArgs Members

The PercentCompleteEventArgs object represents the arguments passed by the event raised when a process reaches a percent complete marker.

The following tables list the members exposed by the PercentCompleteEventArgs type.

  Name Description
ms219977.pubproperty(en-US,SQL.90).gif Error  Gets the error associated with the server message event. (inherited from ServerMessageEventArgs)
ms219977.pubproperty(en-US,SQL.90).gif Percent Gets the percentage value amount that when used in integer multiples, and marks the point at which to report progress.

(see also Protected Methods )
  Name Description
ms219977.pubmethod(en-US,SQL.90).gif Equals  Overloaded. (inherited from Object )
ms219977.pubmethod(en-US,SQL.90).gif GetHashCode  (inherited from Object )
ms219977.pubmethod(en-US,SQL.90).gif GetType  (inherited from Object )
ms219977.pubmethod(en-US,SQL.90).gif ms219977.static(en-US,SQL.90).gif ReferenceEquals  (inherited from Object )
ms219977.pubmethod(en-US,SQL.90).gif ToString  Returns a String that represents the ServerMessageEventArgs object. (inherited from ServerMessageEventArgs)

  Name Description
ms219977.protmethod(en-US,SQL.90).gif Finalize  (inherited from Object )
ms219977.protmethod(en-US,SQL.90).gif MemberwiseClone  (inherited from Object )

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