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DTSXMLDiffOptions Enumeration

When the XMLTask has an OperationType set to Diff, then this enumeration is used to sets the options that affect the behavior of the comparison, as well as the resulting XDL DiffGram. The enumerations used will determine what items are included for consideration during the comparison.

Namespace: Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Tasks.XMLTask
Assembly: Microsoft.SqlServer.XMLTask (in microsoft.sqlserver.xmltask.dll)

public enum DTSXMLDiffOptions
/** @attribute FlagsAttribute() */ 
public enum DTSXMLDiffOptions
public enum DTSXMLDiffOptions

Member nameDescription
IgnoreChildOrderSpecifies that the order of child nodes of each element is ignored. When this option is selected, two nodes with the same value that differ only by their position among sibling child nodes are treated as the same nodes.
IgnoreCommentsSpecifies that Comment nodes are not compared.
IgnoreDtdSpecifies that document type declaration (DTD) is not compared.
IgnoreNamespacesSpecifies that the namespace Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs) of the element and attribute names are not compared. This option also implies that the name prefixes are ignored.
IgnorePISpecifies that the namespace URIs of the element and attribute names are not compared. This option also implies that the name prefixes are ignored.
IgnorePrefixesSpecifies that the prefixes of element and attribute names are not compared. When this option is selected, two names that have the same local name and namespace URI, but have a different prefix, are treated as the same names.
IgnoreWhitespaceSpecifies that significant white spaces are not compared and that all text nodes are normalized by discarding any leading and trailing white space characters (#x9, #x10, #x13, #x20) and replacing sequences of white space characters with a single space (#x20) character.
IgnoreXmlDeclSpecifies that the XML declaration is not compared.
NoneSpecifies that that none of the options found in the enumeration are used.

The following code example assumes that an XMLTask has been created as myTask, with an OperationType set to Diff.

myTask.OperationType = DTSXMLOperation.Diff;
myTask.DiffAlgorithm = DTSXMLDiffAlgorithm.Fast;
myTask.DiffOptions = DTSXMLDiffOptions.IgnoreDtd;
// To set multiple options, use OR.
// myTask.DiffOptions = DTSXMLDiffOptions.IgnoreDtd or DTSXMLDiffOptions.IgnoreComments;

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