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MQMessageType Enumeration

Describes the message type when the TaskType is set to a value of DTSMQType_Sender.

Namespace: Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Tasks.MessageQueueTask
Assembly: Microsoft.SqlServer.MSMQTask (in microsoft.sqlserver.msmqtask.dll)

public enum MQMessageType : long
public enum MQMessageType
public enum MQMessageType

Member nameDescription
DTSMQMessageType_DataFileMessage source is a data file.
DTSMQMessageType_StringMessage source is a string.
DTSMQMessageType_VariablesMessage source is in a variable, and the destination is also a variable.
DTSMQMessagType_StringMessageToVariableMessage source is text, and the destination is a variable. This enumeration is only valid when the Message Queue task is receiving a message.

This enumeration determines which format the Message Queue task uses. The Message Queue task sends and receives messages to or from a queue used by Message Queuing (also known as MSMQ). The following types of messages can be sent:

  • A string message, which is supplied as the value of a property. Use the enumeration DTSMQMessageType_String for this type of message.

  • A data file message, which is generated from the contents of a specified data file. Use the enumeration DTSMQMessageType_DataFile for this type of message.

  • A variables message, which is generated from the names and values of one or more variables. Use the enumeration DTSMQMessageType_Variables for this type of message.

The DTSMQMessagType_StringMessageToVariable is not a valid value when sending a message.

For more information, see Message Queue Task.

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