ScriptComponent.ComponentMetaData Property

Returns a reference to the component definition.

Namespace: Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Pipeline
Assembly: Microsoft.SqlServer.TxScript (in microsoft.sqlserver.txscript.dll)

public IDTSComponentMetaData90 ComponentMetaData { get; }
/** @property */
public IDTSComponentMetaData90 get_ComponentMetaData ()

public function get ComponentMetaData () : IDTSComponentMetaData90

Property Value

An IDTSComponentMetaData90 object that contains the definition of the component.

The Script component developer does not use the ScriptComponent class directly, but indirectly, by coding the methods and properties of the ScriptMain class, which inherits from ScriptComponent through the UserComponent class.

The developer can use the ComponentMetaData property of the ScriptMain class to raise errors, warnings, and informational messages to the data flow engine.

The following code sample shows how the Script component developer can use the ComponentMetaData property to raise an error from within the Script component.

Private myMetaData As IDTSComponentMetaData90
myMetaData = Me.ComponentMetaData
myMetaData.FireError(0, "Script Component", _
  "ERROR", String.Empty, 0, pbFireAgain)

Any public static (Shared in Microsoft Visual Basic) members of this type are thread safe. Any instance members are not guaranteed to be thread safe.

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