This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Workbook.SendForReview Method

Sends a workbook in an e-mail message for review to the specified recipients.

Namespace: Microsoft.Office.Tools.Excel
Assembly: Microsoft.Office.Tools.Excel (in

public virtual void SendForReview (
	[OptionalAttribute] Object Recipients,
	[OptionalAttribute] Object Subject,
	[OptionalAttribute] Object ShowMessage,
	[OptionalAttribute] Object IncludeAttachment



The people to whom to send the message. These can be unresolved names and aliases in an e-mail phone book or full e-mail addresses. Separate multiple recipients with a semicolon (;). If left blank and ShowMessage is false, you will receive an error message, and the message will not be sent.


The subject of the message. If left blank, the subject will be: Please review "filename ".


A value that indicates whether the message should be displayed when the method is executed. The default value is true. If set to false, the message is automatically sent to the recipients without first showing the message to the sender.


A value that indicates whether the message should include an attachment or a link to a server location. The default value is true. If set to false, the document must be stored at a shared location.

This method starts a collaborative review cycle. Use the EndReview method to end a review cycle.

Optional Parameters

For information on optional parameters, see Understanding Optional Parameters in COM Interop.

The following code example uses the SendForReview method to send the workbook in an e-mail to two recipients. The e-mail will have the default subject line and will include the workbook as an attachment. This example assumes that the recipient names resolve to valid e-mail addresses.

private void WorkbookSendForReview()
        "Please review this proposal.", true, true);