This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Workbook.Route Method

Routes the workbook, using the workbook's current routing slip.

Namespace: Microsoft.Office.Tools.Excel
Assembly: Microsoft.Office.Tools.Excel (in

public virtual void Route ()

Routing a workbook sets the Routed property to true.

The following code example checks the value of the Routed property to determine whether the workbook has been routed. If the workbook has not been routed, then the example sets the HasRoutingSlip property to true, sets the Subject property to a subject line for the routing slip, and then uses the RoutingSlip property to adjust the delivery type, message, and the recipients. Finally, the example calls the Route method to route the workbook.

private void RouteWorkbook()
    if (!this.Routed)
        this.HasRoutingSlip = true;
        this.Subject = "Here is the forecast spreadsheet.";

        Excel.RoutingSlip routingSlip = this.RoutingSlip;
        routingSlip.Delivery = Excel.XlRoutingSlipDelivery.xlOneAfterAnother;
        routingSlip.Message = "Please review and provide your feedback.";
            new string[] { "Don Hall", "Sydney Higa", "Ron Gabel" });