OrderTemplate Properties

The OrderTemplate type exposes the following members.

Aa153722.pubproperty(en-US,CS.90).gifAddressesGets the collection of order addresses for the current order. (Inherited from OrderGroup.)
Aa153722.pubproperty(en-US,CS.90).gifBillingCurrencyGets or sets the billing currency. (Inherited from OrderGroup.)
Aa153722.pubproperty(en-US,CS.90).gifCreatedGets the creation time of the order. (Inherited from OrderGroup.)
Aa153722.pubproperty(en-US,CS.90).gifHandlingTotalGets the total handling charge for the current order. (Inherited from OrderGroup.)
Aa153722.pubproperty(en-US,CS.90).gifIsDirtyGets or sets a value indicating whether this instance of OrderGroup has been modified since it was loaded from the database. (Inherited from OrderGroup.)
Aa153722.pubproperty(en-US,CS.90).gifIsEmptyGets a value that indicates whether the line item count is zero. (Inherited from OrderGroup.)
Aa153722.pubproperty(en-US,CS.90).gifItemGets or sets a weakly-typed custom property name for an order instance. (Inherited from OrderGroup.)
Aa153722.pubproperty(en-US,CS.90).gifLastModifiedGets the last-modified date for the current order. (Inherited from OrderGroup.)
Aa153722.pubproperty(en-US,CS.90).gifLineItemCountGets the current count of line items. (Inherited from OrderGroup.)
Aa153722.pubproperty(en-US,CS.90).gifModifiedByGets or sets the identity of the user who last modified the current order. (Inherited from OrderGroup.)
Aa153722.pubproperty(en-US,CS.90).gifNameGets or sets the name of the order group. (Inherited from OrderGroup.)
Aa153722.pubproperty(en-US,CS.90).gifOrderFormsGets the order form collection for the current order. (Inherited from OrderGroup.)
Aa153722.pubproperty(en-US,CS.90).gifOrderGroupIdGets the order group ID. (Inherited from OrderGroup.)
Aa153722.pubproperty(en-US,CS.90).gifShippingTotalGets the total shipping charges associated with the current instance, after all applicable shipping discounts have been applied (Inherited from OrderGroup.)
Aa153722.pubproperty(en-US,CS.90).gifSoldToAddressIdGets or sets the shopper address ID. (Inherited from OrderGroup.)
Aa153722.pubproperty(en-US,CS.90).gifSoldToIdGets the user identifier of the shopper. (Inherited from OrderGroup.)
Aa153722.pubproperty(en-US,CS.90).gifSoldToNameGets or sets the name of the customer placing the order. (Inherited from OrderGroup.)
Aa153722.pubproperty(en-US,CS.90).gifStatusGets or sets the status of the current order group. (Inherited from OrderGroup.)
Aa153722.pubproperty(en-US,CS.90).gifStatusCodeGets a status code that indicates the derived type of the current instance. (Inherited from OrderGroup.)
Aa153722.pubproperty(en-US,CS.90).gifStorageLoadInProgressGets a value indicating whether a storage load is in progress. (Inherited from MappedStorageBase.)
Aa153722.pubproperty(en-US,CS.90).gifSubTotalGets the sub total amount for the current order. (Inherited from OrderGroup.)
Aa153722.pubproperty(en-US,CS.90).gifTaxTotalGets the total tax associated with the current order. (Inherited from OrderGroup.)
Aa153722.pubproperty(en-US,CS.90).gifTemplateID Obsolete. (Obsolete) Use OrderGroupId instead. Gets a value that uniquely identifies the current order template.
Aa153722.pubproperty(en-US,CS.90).gifTotalGets the sum total of sub total, shipping, handling and taxes for the current order. (Inherited from OrderGroup.)
Aa153722.pubproperty(en-US,CS.90).gifTrackingNumberGets or sets a string value that uniquely identifies a placed purchase order. (Inherited from OrderGroup.)