Microsoft.CommerceServer.Runtime.Marketing Namespace

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The classes in the Microsoft.CommerceServer.Runtime.Marketing namespace contains the marketing functionality for the Commerce Server .NET Application Framework.

ms986553.pubclass(en-US,CS.70).gifDiscountCriteriaFilterThis class is used to specify the Filtering Options that are used on the ApplyProductFilter and ApplyCategoryFilter methods of the DiscountItemCollection class.
ms986553.pubclass(en-US,CS.70).gifDiscountItemRepresents a collection of properties for a particular discount.
ms986553.pubclass(en-US,CS.70).gifDiscountItemCollectionRepresents a collection of DiscountItem objects. This class cannot be inherited.
ms986553.pubclass(en-US,CS.70).gifDiscountItemCollectionEnumeratorAn enumerator over the DiscountItemCollection class. This class cannot be inherited.