Microsoft.CommerceServer.Runtime Namespace

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The classes in the Microsoft.CommerceServer.Runtime namespace contain the functionality needed for authentication, event logging, and other core runtime services.

ms986538.pubclass(en-US,CS.70).gifAddItemToBasketEventOccurs whenever items are added to the shopping basket.
ms986538.pubclass(en-US,CS.70).gifAuthenticationInfoAbstracts the authentication components.
ms986538.pubclass(en-US,CS.70).gifAuthManagerPerforms user identification and authentication and manages user security information.
ms986538.pubclass(en-US,CS.70).gifAuthTicketContains the authentication ticket for the user. This class cannot be inherited.
ms986538.pubclass(en-US,CS.70).gifBaseCommerceEventAbstract base class from which all Commerce event classes derive.
ms986538.pubclass(en-US,CS.70).gifBasketEventProvides base functionality for all the basket related events.
ms986538.pubclass(en-US,CS.70).gifCommerceApplicationModuleThe primary CommerceModule class responsible for initialization of the site framework. This class cannot be inherited.
ms986538.pubclass(en-US,CS.70).gifCommerceAuthenticationExceptionThe base class for exceptions thrown from the authentication sub-system.
ms986538.pubclass(en-US,CS.70).gifCommerceAuthenticationFailedDecryptionExceptionAn exception which is raised whenever a decryption error occurs, most notably when an invalid encryption key or an invalid ticket is used.
ms986538.pubclass(en-US,CS.70).gifCommerceAuthenticationModuleProvides a framework context for managing the authentication of site visitors, client side cookie detection, and creation of an instance of the AuthManagerInfo class at page scope. This class cannot be inherited.
ms986538.pubclass(en-US,CS.70).gifCommerceContextThe primary class used to interface with Commerce Server. This class cannot be inherited.
ms986538.pubclass(en-US,CS.70).gifCommerceCreateObjectExceptionAn exception that is raised when a COM object could not be created.
ms986538.pubclass(en-US,CS.70).gifCommerceDataWarehouseAuthenticationModuleA DataWarehouse authentication http module provides the correlation mechanism to track ASP.NET site visitors to profile users. This class cannot be inherited.
ms986538.pubclass(en-US,CS.70).gifCommerceDebugExceptionAn exception that is thrown when a Commerce Server application encounters an error during the Debug or Check mode of operation.
ms986538.pubclass(en-US,CS.70).gifCommerceDirectMailerAuthenticationModuleA CommerceDirectMailer authentication http module provides the authentication functionality for Direct Mailer. This class cannot be inherited.
ms986538.pubclass(en-US,CS.70).gifCommerceEventAttributeAttributes that identify a class as being a Commerce Server event. This class cannot be inherited.
ms986538.pubclass(en-US,CS.70).gifCommerceEventMemberAttributeAttributes that marks a Commerce Server-specific short name with a Commerce Server property. This class cannot be inherited.
ms986538.pubclass(en-US,CS.70).gifCommerceExceptionThe base type for Commerce Server exceptions.
ms986538.pubclass(en-US,CS.70).gifCommerceModuleThe base module class for all Microsoft Commerce Server modules.
ms986538.pubclass(en-US,CS.70).gifCommerceModuleDependencyExceptionAn exception that is thrown when a required module has not been configured.
ms986538.pubclass(en-US,CS.70).gifCommerceResourceDependencyExceptionAn exception that is thrown when a resource does not exist in the Commerce Server administration database.
ms986538.pubclass(en-US,CS.70).gifExceptionEventLoggerClass used to log exceptions to the Application event log, for monitoring purposes.
ms986538.pubclass(en-US,CS.70).gifMappedStorageBaseProvides functionality required by non-collection classes that will participate in the Commerce Server mapped storage mechanism.
ms986538.pubclass(en-US,CS.70).gifNonAuthenticatedIdentityThis class provides an IIdentity that is not considered authenticated. This allows a site to recognize a user without treating the user as authenticated.
ms986538.pubclass(en-US,CS.70).gifProfileTicketContains the profile ticket for the user. This class cannot be inherited.
ms986538.pubclass(en-US,CS.70).gifQueryStringBuilder(Obsolete) Use this class to build encrypted query strings for cookie and cookieless browsers.
ms986538.pubclass(en-US,CS.70).gifReadOnlyStringCollectionProvides a read-only string collection. This class cannot be inherited.
ms986538.pubclass(en-US,CS.70).gifRemoveItemFromBasketEventOccurs whenever items are removed from the shopping basket.
ms986538.pubclass(en-US,CS.70).gifSiteCacheRefreshHttp handler responsible for refreshing caches of a Commerce application.
ms986538.pubclass(en-US,CS.70).gifSiteCacheRefreshEventArgsProvides data for the CacheRefresh event.
ms986538.pubclass(en-US,CS.70).gifStorageUtilitiesProvides utility functions for working with Commerce Server mapped storage. This class cannot be inherited.
ms986538.pubclass(en-US,CS.70).gifSubmitOrderEventOccurs whenever orders are submitted for processing.
ms986538.pubclass(en-US,CS.70).gifTicketBaseProvides the base functionality for ticket handling operations in the Commerce Server application runtime.

ms986538.pubenumeration(en-US,CS.70).gifLogStatusLists the return type values for the LogCommerceEvent method.