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Microsoft.Build.Utilities Namespace

The Microsoft.Build.Utilities namespace provides helper classes that you can use to create your own MSBuild loggers and tasks. For information, see MSBuild.

  Class Description
Public class AppDomainIsolatedTask Provides the same functionality as Task, but also derives from MarshalByRefObject so that it can be instantiated in its own app domain.
Public class AssemblyFoldersExInfo Contains information about entries in the AssemblyFoldersEx registry keys.
Public class CanonicalTrackedInputFiles This class is the filetracking log interpreter for .read. tracking logs in canonical form or those that have been rooted (^) to make them canonical
Public class CanonicalTrackedOutputFiles This class is the file tracking log interpreter for .write. tracking logs in canonical form Canoncial .write. logs need to be rooted, since the outputs need to be associated with an input.
Public class CommandLineBuilder Comprises utility methods for constructing a command line.
Public class FileTracker This class contains utility functions to encapsulate launching and logging for the Tracker
Public class FlatTrackingData This class is used to track file dependencies during a build.
Public class Logger When overridden in a derived form, provides functionality for loggers that handle events raised by the MSBuild engine.
Public class MuxLogger Represents a multiplexing logger. The purpose of this logger is to register and unregister multiple loggers during the build. Supports the Visual Studio IDE scenario in which loggers are registered and unregistered for each project system’s build request. One physical build can have multiple logical builds, each with its own set of loggers.The MuxLoggerregisters itself with the build manager as a regular central /l style logger. It receives messages from the build manager and routes them to the correct logger, based on the logical build that the message came from.
Public class ProcessorArchitecture Determines the correct tool in the Toolset that MSBuild should use, based on the current system's processor architecture.
Public class TargetPlatformSDK Represents a target platform SDK.
Public class Task When overridden in a derived form, provides functionality for tasks.
Public class TaskItem Defines a single item of the project as it is passed into a task.
Public class TaskLoggingHelper Provides helper logging methods used by tasks.
Public class ToolLocationHelper Provides utility methods for locating .NET Framework and .NET Framework SDK files and directories.
Public class ToolTask When overridden in a derived form, provides functionality for a task that wraps a command line tool.
Public class TrackedDependencies This class contains utility functions to assist with tracking dependencies

  Delegate Description
Public delegate DependencyFilter Dependency filter delegate. Used during TLog saves in order for tasks to selectively remove dependencies from the written graph.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration DotNetFrameworkArchitecture Used to specify the targeted bitness of the .NET Framework for some methods of ToolLocationHelper
Public enumeration ExecutableType Enumeration to express the type of executable being wrapped by Tracker.exe
Public enumeration HostObjectInitializationStatus Defines the next action for ToolTask after an attempt to initialize the host object.
Public enumeration TargetDotNetFrameworkVersion Specifies the version of the .NET Framework to use with the methods in ToolLocationHelper.
Public enumeration UpToDateCheckType The possible types of up to date check that we can support
Public enumeration VisualStudioVersion Used to specify the version of Visual Studio from which to select associated tools for some methods of ToolLocationHelper
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