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Microsoft.Build.Tasks.Deployment.ManifestUtilities Namespace

The Microsoft.Build.Tasks.Deployment.ManifestUtilities namespace contains classes that MSBuild uses.

  Class Description
Public class ApplicationIdentity Provides a unique identifier for a ClickOnce application.
Public class ApplicationManifest Describes a ClickOnce or native Win32 application manifest.
Public class AssemblyIdentity Specifies the identity of an assembly.
Public class AssemblyManifest Describes a Win32 assembly manifest.
Public class AssemblyReference Describes a manifest assembly reference.
Public class AssemblyReferenceCollection Provides a collection for manifest assembly references.
Public class BaseReference Describes base functionality common to both file references and assembly references.
Public class ComClass Infrastructure. Represents a COM class that is described in a manifest.
Public class CompatibleFramework Describes the versions of the .NET Framework that an application can run on.
Public class CompatibleFrameworkCollection Represents a collection of versions of the .NET Framework that an application prefers to run on.
Public class DeployManifest Represents a ClickOnce deployment manifest.
Public class FileAssociation Represents a file name extension to be associated with the application.
Public class FileAssociationCollection Represents a collection of file associations.
Public class FileReference Describes a manifest file reference.
Public class FileReferenceCollection Represents a collection for manifest file references.
Public class Manifest Represents base functionality common to all supported manifest types.
Public class ManifestReader Reads an XML manifest file into an object representation.
Public class ManifestWriter Writes an object representation of a manifest to XML.
Public class OutputMessage This class represents an error, warning, or informational output message for the manifest generator.
Public class OutputMessageCollection This class represent a collection for output messages.
Public class ProxyStub Infrastructure. Represents a proxy in a ClickOnce application manifest. .
Public class SecurityUtilities Provides a set of utility functions for manipulating security permision sets and signing.
Public class TrustInfo This class represents the application security trust information.
Public class TypeLib Infrastructure. Represents a type library.
Public class WindowClass Infrastructure. Represents a window class in an application manifest.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration AssemblyIdentity.FullNameFlags This class represents the attributes that the GetFullName function returns.
Public enumeration AssemblyReferenceType This class represents the type of an assembly reference.
Public enumeration OutputMessageType Specifies the type of output message as either an error, warning, or informational.
Public enumeration UpdateMode Specifies how the application checks for updates.
Public enumeration UpdateUnit Specifies the units for the update interval.
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