This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

AggregationType Enumeration

Contains an enumeration of the different types of possible aggregations used only in ROLAP cubes.

Namespace: Microsoft.AnalysisServices
Assembly: Microsoft.AnalysisServices (in microsoft.analysisservices.dll)

public enum AggregationType
public enum AggregationType
public enum AggregationType

Member nameDescription
IndexedViewCreates an indexed view for the ROLAP aggregation. The server recreates the view every time that the partition is reprocessed.
TableReserved for future use.
UserDefinedThe user has defined the aggregation table for current partition.

New: 17 July 2006

AggregationType enumeration is used to define the type of aggregation in ROLAP cubes.

IndexedView only applies to Data Sources that use SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2005.

Defining an AggregationType to be UserDefined requires manually specifying the bindings for each granularity attribute in the aggregation to the columns in the user-defined table; there is no graphical interface to help in this process.

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