This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Properties for the Custom Actions Editor 

The following properties are available when working in the Custom Actions Editor. The actual properties available at any given time are dependent on the deployment project type and the current selection in the editor.

Property Description


Specifies command-line arguments for the selected custom action. For more information, see Arguments Property (Custom Actions).


Specifies a Windows Installer condition that must be satisfied (evaluate to true) in order for the selected custom action to be run at installation time. For more information, see Deployment Conditions.


Specifies custom data to be passed to an installer. For more information, see CustomActionData Property.


Specifies an entry point within a .dll custom action. For more information, see EntryPoint Property.


Specifies whether a custom action is a .NET Framework Installer class. For more information, see InstallerClass Property.


Specifies the name used in the Custom Actions Editor to identify a selected custom action. Defaults to the file name.


Indicates the path to the custom action source file on the development computer. Read-only.