This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Call this function to set the inclusion of soft line-break characters on or off within a multiple-line edit control.

BOOL FmtLines(
   BOOL bAddEOL 


Specifies whether soft line-break characters are to be inserted. A value of TRUE inserts the characters; a value of FALSE removes them.

Return Value

Nonzero if any formatting occurs; otherwise 0.


A soft line break consists of two carriage returns and a linefeed inserted at the end of a line that is broken because of word wrapping. A hard line break consists of one carriage return and a linefeed. Lines that end with a hard line break are not affected by FmtLines.

Windows will only respond if the CEdit object is a multiple-line edit control.

FmtLines only affects the buffer returned by GetHandle and the text returned by WM_GETTEXT. It has no impact on the display of the text within the edit control.

For more information, see EM_FMTLINES in the Platform SDK.


#ifdef _DEBUG
   // The pointer to my edit.
   extern CEdit* pmyEdit;
   CString strText;

   // Add soft line-break breaks.

   // Dump the text of the edit control.
   afxDump << strText;

   // Remove soft line-break breaks.

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