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Methods (Visual FoxPro)

For information about backward compatible-only language reference, see Backward-Compatible Language Elements.

ActivateCell Method

Add Method (Collection Class)

Add Method (File Object)

AddColumn Method

AddItem Method (Visual FoxPro)

AddListItem Method

AddObject Method

AddProperty Method

AddTableSchema Method

AddToSCC Method

ApplyDiffgram Method

Attach Method (Visual FoxPro)

AutoFit Method

AutoOpen Method

Box Method

Build Method

CancelReport Method

ChangesToCursor Method

CheckIn Method

CheckOut Method

Circle Method

CleanUp Method

Clear Method

ClearData Method

ClearStatus Method

CloneObject Method

Close Method (Visual FoxPro)

CloseTables Method

Cls Method

CursorAttach Method

CursorDetach Method

CursorFill Method

CursorRefresh Method

DataToClip Method

DelayedMemoFetch Method

DeleteColumn Method

Dock Method

DoMessage Method

DoScroll Method

DoStatus Method

DoVerb Method

Drag Method

Draw Method

Eval Method

GetData Method

GetDockState Method

GetFormat Method

GetKey Method

GetLatestVersion Method

GetPageHeight Method

GetPageWidth Method

Help Method

Hide Method

IncludePageInOutput Method

IndexToItemID Method

Item Method (File Object)

ItemIDToIndex Method

LoadXML Method

Line Method

Modify Method

Move Method (Visual FoxPro)

MoveItem Method

Nest Method

OLEDrag Method

OnPreviewClose Method

OutputPage Method

Point Method

Print Method

PSet Method

Quit Method

ReadExpression Method

ReadMethod Method

RecordRefresh Method

Refresh Method (Visual FoxPro)

Release Method

ReleaseXML Method

Remove Method (File Object)

RemoveFromSCC Method

RemoveItem Method

RemoveListItem Method

RemoveObject Method

Render Method

Requery Method

RequestData Method

Reset Method

ResetToDefault Method

Run Method (Visual FoxPro)

SaveAs Method (Visual FoxPro)

SaveAsClass Method

SetAll Method

SetData Method

SetFocus Method

SetFormat Method

SetMain Method

SetVar Method

SetViewPort Method

Show Method (Visual FoxPro)

ShowWhatsThis Method

SupportsListenerType Method

TextHeight Method

TextWidth Method

ToCursor Method

ToXML Method

UndoCheckOut Method

Unnest Method

UpdateStatus Method

WhatsThisMode Method

WriteExpression Method

WriteMethod Method

ZOrder Method

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