VCBUILD Command Line

The VCBUILD tool uses the following command line syntax to build Visual C++ projects and solutions.

VCBUILD [options] [project | solution] [config | $ALL]


Build options. For more information, see VCBUILD Options.

VCBUILD also reads options from the VCBUILD_DEFAULT_OPTIONS environment variable.


The name of a project file.

If the project parameter is not specified and only one .vcproj file is in the directory, the project specified by the .vcproj file is built.


The name of a solution file.


The name of a project configuration to build; for example, DEBUG.

If no configuration is specified, and the VCBUILD_DEFAULT_CFG environment variable is set, the configuration it specifies is built. If it is not set, all configurations are built.


A symbolic name that means build all configurations.

To cancel the build process, press CTRL+C or CTRL+BREAK.