Matrix.Matrix(RectangleF, PointF[]) Constructor

Initializes a new instance of the Matrix class to the geometric transform defined by the specified rectangle and array of points.

Namespace: System.Drawing.Drawing2D
Assembly: System.Drawing (in system.drawing.dll)

public Matrix (
	RectangleF rect,
	PointF[] plgpts
public Matrix (
	RectangleF rect, 
	PointF[] plgpts
public function Matrix (
	rect : RectangleF, 
	plgpts : PointF[]
Not applicable.



A RectangleF structure that represents the rectangle to be transformed.


An array of three PointF structures that represents the points of a parallelogram to which the upper-left, upper-right, and lower-left corners of the rectangle is to be transformed. The lower-right corner of the parallelogram is implied by the first three corners.

This method initializes the new Matrix such that it represents the geometric transform that maps the rectangle specified by the rect parameter to the parallelogram defined by the three points in the plgpts parameter. The upper-left corner of the rectangle is mapped to the first point in the plgpts array, the upper-right corner is mapped to the second point, and the lower-left corner is mapped to the third point. The lower-right point of the parallelogram is implied by the first three.

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