This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Called to reposition and resize control bars in the client area of a window.

void RepositionBars( 
   UINT nIDFirst, 
   UINT nIDLast, 
   UINT nIDLeftOver, 
   UINT nFlag = reposDefault, 
   LPRECT lpRectParam = NULL, 
   LPCRECT lpRectClient = NULL, 
   BOOL bStretch = TRUE 


The ID of the first in a range of control bars to reposition and resize.


The ID of the last in a range of control bars to reposition and resize.


Specifies ID of pane that fills the rest of the client area.


Can have one of the following values:

  • CWnd::reposDefault   Performs the layout of the control bars. lpRectParam is not used and can be NULL.

  • CWnd::reposQuery   The layout of the control bars is not done; instead lpRectParam is initialized with the size of the client area, as if the layout had actually been done.

  • CWnd::reposExtra   Adds the values of lpRectParam to the client area of nIDLast and also performs the layout.


Points to a RECT structure; the usage of which depends on the value of nFlag.


Points to a RECT structure containing the available client area. If NULL, the window's client area will be used.


Indicates whether the bar should be stretched to the size of the frame.

The nIDFirst and nIDLast parameters define a range of control-bar IDs to be repositioned in the client area. The nIDLeftOver parameter specifies the ID of the child window (normally the view) which is repositioned and resized to fill the rest of the client area not filled by control bars.

Header: afxwin.h