This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Compiler Warning (level 1) C4090

Error Message

'operation' : different 'modifier' qualifiers

A variable used in an operation is defined with a specified modifier that prevents it from being modified without detection by the compiler. The expression is compiled without modification.

This warning can be caused when a pointer to a const or volatile item is assigned to a pointer not declared as pointing to const or volatile.

This warning is issued for C programs. In a C++ program, the compiler issues an error: C2440.

The following sample generates C4090:

// C4090.c
// compile with: /W1
int *volatile *p;
int *const *q;
int **r;

int main() {
   p = q;   // C4090
   p = r;
   q = p;   // C4090
   q = r;
   r = p;   // C4090
   r = q;   // C4090