This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Troubleshooting Object Test Bench 

This topic describes the most common problems you can encounter working with Object Test Bench and a short description of how to solve the problem.

Cause: This is most likely the result of the mode you are currently running Visual Studio in.

Solution: Make sure you are running Visual Studio in Design mode, rather than Debug mode.


  • The Object Test Bench menus do not display the function if the function takes a variable parameter argument.

  • Only the Invoke Static Method menu item is displayed for abstract classes.

Solution: Check that you are calling functions that Object Test Bench supports.

Cause: You have changed your code, and now Object Test Bench displays a version no longer in sync with your code.

Solution: Rebuild to re-sync Object Test Bench. You will not be able to perform an object operation in Object Test Bench until you rebuild to refresh.


Rebuilding the application can cause the Object Test Bench to reset.

Cause: This most likely occurs because the object you tried to add is an instance of a generic class. This scenario is not supported in Object Test Bench.

Solution: Check that the object you want to add is not generic.

Cause: The project which contains the class on which Object Test Bench is being invoked might not be set as StartUp Project.

Solution: In Whidbey, a project needs to be set as startup project before we can use OTB with it. In the Class view, right click on the project (which contains class you want to use with OTB) and click on Set as StartUp Project.