This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Visual Basic and Visual C#

This section of the documentation discusses application development in Visual Basic or Visual C#. Either programming language can be used equally well in the subjects covered in this section. Applications made by either language are built on the services of the common language runtime and take advantage of the .NET Framework class library.

In This Section

Decision Chart
Provides an interactive guide to help you choose which approach or technology to use, as well as links to more information.
Walkthroughs in Visual Basic and Visual C#
Provides links to topics that walk you through complete scenarios covering different types of applications.
Common Tasks in Visual Basic and Visual C#
Provides links to topics on common programming tasks.
Code for Visual Basic Programmers
Highlights the code examples available within this section of the Visual Basic documentation.
Getting Started
Helps you begin working by listing what is new and by guiding you through version upgrading issues and application design decisions.
Upgrading Applications
Provides information about how to use programs created using previous versions of Visual Basic and Visual InterDev in Visual Basic .NET.
Managing Projects
Describes the project system for managing your applications as you write them.
Creating Applications
Discusses creating and configuring Windows applications, Web applications, and XML Web services, and helps you customize these applications for a global audience.
Accessing Data
Discusses aspects of incorporating data access functionality into your applications.
Programming with Components
Describes components of all kinds, including those you use on servers.
Programming with Office
Provides information on using Microsoft Office and Visual Studio .NET as part of your business application.
Contains links to several sections of reference information, including programming languages and user interface information.
Provides sample source code demonstrating how to program using Visual Basic and Visual C#.

Related Sections

Devenv Command Line Switches
Contains language reference topics that explain how to launch Visual Studio and build from the command prompt.
Error Messages
Contains error message topics for Visual Studio.
Automation and Extensibility Reference
Contains automation model language-reference topics for the integrated development environment (IDE), including debugging.
Language Equivalents
Compares keywords, data types, operators, and programmable objects (controls) for Visual Basic, C++, Visual C#, Java, JScript, and Visual FoxPro.
Class Library
Contains syntax and examples for the entire .NET Framework.
User Interface Reference
Contains topics for dialog boxes, windows, and other UI elements found in Visual Studio. Also covers shortcut keys.
Visual Studio Commands
Contains language-reference topics that explain how to use commands to interact with the IDE from the Command window and Find/Command box.
Visual Studio Walkthroughs
Contains topics discussing the steps involved in the development of specific applications types or major application features.
Getting Help from Microsoft Product Support Services
Describes various ways to get technical support.
Accessibility for People with Disabilities
Describes features that make Microsoft Visual Studio more accessible for people with disabilities.
Locating Readme Files
Gives you access to late-breaking notes on the product.
Visual Studio .NET
Links you to major starting points in the Visual Studio documentation.