Device Driver Developer Guide (Compact 7)


Windows Embedded Compact 7 includes a set of standard device drivers for each board support package (BSP) that it supports. However, you may have to write a new device driver or port an existing device driver to support a particular hardware device on your target platform. This guide familiarizes you with the Windows Embedded Compact device driver architecture, helps you select the correct options for your device driver, and shows you how to begin to implement your device driver by porting a sample stream driver. Then, it describes how to include the driver as part of your run-time image, and test your implementation by using a console application or the Windows Embedded Compact Test Kit (CTK). If you are not familiar with the Windows Embedded Compact device driver architecture, please review Device Driver Architecture before reading this guide.

Plan Your Device Driver

Walks you through the initial design phase of your device driver project and explains the most important functionality of the Windows Embedded Compact 7 device driver architecture.

Implement Your Device Driver

Helps you begin the development of your device driver and explains how to add functionality to support device hardware.

Build and Test Your Device Driver

Describes how to build and test the device driver after you have completed your initial implementation.