Build an OS (Compact 2013)


The Windows Embedded Compact 2013 build process creates an OS design image, which is a binary file that can be downloaded to a device and run. The build process compiles and links the OS design components and creates the downloadable image.

This section provides information about how you can build your Windows Embedded Compact OS design into an OS design image using Platform Builder. It explains the build process and discusses how Windows Embedded Compact creates the OS design image. It also discusses how you can improve the build process and create builds with reduced overhead that enable you to process OS design changes more quickly.

Build with Platform Builder

Describes how to use Platform Builder to build an OS.

Build Using the Command Line

Describes the commonly used build options that are available from the command line.

How the Build System Works

Discusses the jobs, programs, and files that compile and link code to build an OS.

Tuning the Build Process

Describes techniques for creating accurate builds that reduce overhead and make design changes testable as quickly as possible.

Setting or Clearing a Sysgen Variable

Describes how to configure the functionality in your OS design from a command line by setting or clearing Sysgen variables.