Command Options
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Command Options

Visual Studio 2005

This section provides detailed descriptions of Visual SourceSafe command options.

In This Section

-# Option (Command Line)

Specifies the number of entries for the History command to display for a file or project.

-? Option (Command Line)

Gets Help for the selected command.

-B Option (Command Line)

Specifies if files are binary or text for the Properties, Add, and Filetype commands. For the History and Diff commands, the -B option specifies a brief format. For the Merge command, this option specifies the base version for the destination project.

-C Option (Command Line)

Specifies a comment for a command.

-D Option (Command Line)

Controls how Visual SourceSafe displays differences.

-E Option (Command Line)

Produces an extended display for the Dir command, including checkout information for files. For the Share command, this option specifies a share and branch operation. When used with the Add, Properties, and Filetype commands, the option specifies the file encoding.

-F Option (Command Line)

Enables a display for files only, with no projects.

-G Option (Command Line)

Sets options for a retrieved working copy.

-H Option (Command Line)

Requests Help for the selected command.

-I Option (Command Line)

Indicates what factors Visual SourceSafe should ignore when comparing two files.

-K Option (Command Line)

Specifies if a file remains checked out after you check it in.

-L Option (Command Line)

Specifies labels for files or projects for many commands. For the Checkout command, this option enables or disables the check out local version feature.

-M Option (Command Line)

Disables exclusive checkouts for an individual file.

-N Option (Command Line)

Specifies the file naming conventions for a command.

-O Option (Command Line)

Controls the output from commands that might display large amounts of information.

-P Option (Command Line)

Specifies a project to use with a command.

-Q Option (Command Line)

Suppresses output for a command line command.

-R Option (Command Line)

Makes commands that operate on projects recursive to subprojects.

-S Option (Command Line)

Overrides the Smart_Mode initialization variable for a particular command.

-U Option (Command Line)

Displays user information about a file or project.

-V Option (Command Line)

Indicates the version of a file or project (item).

-W Option (Command Line)

Indicates if working copies are to be read/write or read-only.

-Y Option (Command Line)

Specifies a user name or user name and password.

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