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/ALLOWBIND (Prevent DLL Binding)


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## Remarks  
 /ALLOWBIND:NO sets a bit in a DLL's header that indicates to Bind.exe that the image is not allowed to be bound. You may not want a DLL to be bound if it has been digitally signed (binding invalidates the signature).  
 You can edit an existing DLL for /ALLOWBIND functionality with the [/ALLOWBIND](../Topic/-ALLOWBIND.md) option of the EDITBIN utility.  
### To set this linker option in the Visual Studio development environment  
1.  Open the project's **Property Pages** dialog box. For details, see [Working with Project Properties](../Topic/Working%20with%20Project%20Properties.md).  
2.  Expand **Configuration Properties**, **Linker**, and select **Command Line**.  
3.  Enter `/ALLOWBIND:NO` into **Additional Options**.  
### To set this linker option programmatically  
-   See [AdditionalOptions](assetId:///P:Microsoft.VisualStudio.VCProjectEngine.VCCLCompilerTool.AdditionalOptions?qualifyHint=False&autoUpgrade=True).  
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