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Events (Visual FoxPro)

For information about backward compatible-only language reference, see Backward-Compatible Language Elements.

Activate Event (Visual FoxPro)

AdjustObjectSize Event

AfterBand Event

AfterBuild Event

AfterCloseTables Event

AfterCursorAttach Event

AfterCursorClose Event

AfterCursorDetach Event

AfterCursorFill Event

AfterCursorRefresh Event

AfterCursorUpdate Event

AfterDelete Event

AfterInsert Event

AfterRecordRefresh Event

AfterUpdate Event

AfterDock Event

AfterReport Event

AfterRowColChange Event

BeforeBand Event

BeforeCursorAttach Event

BeforeCursorClose Event

BeforeCursorDetach Event

BeforeCursorFill Event

BeforeCursorRefresh Event

BeforeCursorUpdate Event

BeforeDelete Event

BeforeInsert Event

BeforeDock Event

BeforeOpenTables Event

BeforeRecordRefresh Event

BeforeReport Event

BeforeRowColChange Event

BeforeUpdate Event

Click Event

dbc_Activate Event

dbc_AfterAddTable Event

dbc_AfterAppendProc Event

dbc_AfterCloseTable Event

dbc_AfterCopyProc Event

dbc_AfterCreateConnection Event

dbc_AfterCreateOffline Event

dbc_AfterCreateTable Event

dbc_AfterCreateView Event

dbc_AfterDBGetProp Event

dbc_AfterDBSetProp Event

dbc_AfterDeleteConnection Event

dbc_AfterDropOffline Event

dbc_AfterDropTable Event

dbc_AfterModifyConnection Event

dbc_AfterModifyProc Event

dbc_AfterModifyTable Event

dbc_AfterModifyView Event

dbc_AfterOpenTable Event

dbc_AfterRemoveTable Event

dbc_AfterRenameConnection Event

dbc_AfterRenameTable Event

dbc_AfterRenameView Event

dbc_AfterValidateData Event

dbc_BeforeAddTable Event

dbc_BeforeAppendProc Event

dbc_BeforeCloseTable Event

dbc_BeforeCopyProc Event

dbc_BeforeCreateConnection Event

dbc_BeforeCreateOffline Event

dbc_BeforeCreateTable Event

dbc_BeforeCreateView Event

dbc_BeforeDBGetProp Event

dbc_BeforeDBSetProp Event

dbc_BeforeDeleteConnection Event

dbc_BeforeDropOffline Event

dbc_BeforeDropTable Event

dbc_BeforeModifyConnection Event

dbc_BeforeModifyProc Event

dbc_BeforeModifyTable Event

dbc_BeforeModifyView Event

dbc_BeforeOpenTable Event

dbc_BeforeRemoveTable Event

dbc_BeforeRenameConnection Event

dbc_BeforeRenameTable Event

dbc_BeforeRenameView Event

dbc_BeforeValidateData Event

dbc_CloseData Event

dbc_Deactivate Event

dbc_ModifyData Event

dbc_OpenData Event

dbc_PackData Event

DblClick Event

Deactivate Event

Deleted Event

Destroy Event

DoCmd Method

DownClick Event

DragDrop Event

DragOver Event

DropDown Event

Error Event (Visual FoxPro)

ErrorMessage Event

EvaluateContents Event

GotFocus Event

Init Event

InteractiveChange Event

KeyPress Event

Load Event

LoadReport Event

LostFocus Event

Message Event

MiddleClick Event

MouseDown Event

MouseEnter Event

MouseLeave Event

MouseMove Event

MouseUp Event

MouseWheel Event

Moved Event

OLECompleteDrag Event

OLEDragOver Event

OLEGiveFeedback Event

OLESetData Event

OLEStartDrag Event

OnMoveItem Event

Paint Event

ProgrammaticChange Event

QueryAddFile Event

QueryModifyFile Event

QueryNewFile Event

QueryRemoveFile Event

QueryRunFile Event

QueryUnload Event

RangeHigh Event

RangeLow Event

ReadActivate Event

ReadDeactivate Event

ReadShow Event

ReadValid Event

ReadWhen Event

Resize Event

RightClick Event

SCCInit Event

SCCDestroy Event

Scrolled Event

Timer Event

UIEnable Event

UnDock Event

Unload Event

UnloadReport Event

UpClick Event

Valid Event

When Event

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