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Networking Code Samples

Networking Code Samples (Compact 2013)


Windows Embedded Compact 2013 contains the following code samples that apply to Networking.

The sample code is only a starting point for development. As with any code, you must ensure proper error handling, identify security risks, and thoroughly test it before considering it for production use.

Feature area



Related topic

Network User Interface

Implements the Network and Dial-up Connections application. Demonstrates how to configure dial-up, virtual private network (VPN), LAN, and other network connection types


Network UI Sample Application Connmc

Network User Interface

Provides a sample application that displays status information while a dial-up or VPN connection is established


Network UI Sample Application Rnaapp

Network Driver Interface Specification (NDIS)

Logs network traffic by producing files that Windows Network Monitor (NetMon) can read



NDIS Sample Tool Netlog, NDIS Sample Tool Netlogctl

Network Command-Line Tools

Prints the TCP/IP-related configuration data of a host



Network Command-Line Tools

Displays active TCP connections, ports on which the computer is listening, Ethernet statistics, the IP routing table, IPv4 statistics, and IPv6 statistics



Network Command-Line Tools

Demonstrates how to send ICMPv6 or ICMP Echo Request messages to perform network diagnostics and test reachability for a specific destination



Network Command-Line Tools

Demonstrates how to send ICMPv6 or ICMP Echo Request messages to report information about each router that is crossed and the roundtrip time (RTT) for each hop




Uses the Auto Config Module (ACM) service to configure Wi-Fi



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