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Microsoft Advertising SDK for Windows 8.0

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Updated: August 2, 2013

Published: June 4, 2013

The Microsoft Advertising SDK for Windows 8 allows developers to show ads in their apps. You can use your Windows 8 apps to make money by including ads from Microsoft Advertising. The Microsoft Advertising SDK for Windows 8 along with Microsoft pubCenter enables you to create apps that:

  • Easily integrate text and banner ads into your apps and games.

  • Provide a money making solution that maximizes in-app advertising.

  • Provide ad targeting capabilities to deliver the most relevant ads to your users.

  • Seamlessly handle impression reporting.

  • Monitor your ad performance in real time.

System_CLiX_important Important

If you used any prior beta Advertising SDK in your apps, you must uninstall the beta version, install the RTM version and repackage your app in order to receive payouts. The RTM version of the Advertising SDK is not backwards or side-by-side compatible with previous beta versions.

You Want To…



Download, install and get started using the SDK.

See the Getting Started section.

Display ads in your Windows 8 app.

See the walkthrough for putting ads in an app using HTML 5/JavaScript.

Display ads in your XAML/C# application.

See the walkthrough for putting ads in an app using XAML/C#.

Drag and drop the AdControl into a XAML based app using the Visual Studio 2012 Designer.

See the walkthrough that shows how to use the Visual Studio 2012 Designer for XAML based apps.

Control how often a new ad is shown in your app.

Set the isAutoRefreshEnabled property to false. Then you can use the Refresh method to request a new ad.

Target the ads displayed in your app.

You can filter the ads to be displayed by setting the Latitude/Longitude.

System_CLiX_important Important

If you set these properties to exclude the available inventory of ads, your app will not display any ads.

Handle AdControl errors in your app.

Error handling related to the Advertising SDK is explained in the topic AdControl Error Handling. After reading that topic, go to the walkthroughs in the section Error Handling for the AdControl to see sample AdControl error handling code.

Submit your app to the Windows Store

This topic lists the requirements and provides some resources about the submission process.

Once you have completed development of your app you can submit it to the Windows Store. The Windows Store has specific requirements related to apps that show ads. The terms and conditions of submission are controlled by the Windows Store. The Advertising SDK team has no control over the process.

In This Section

The documentation for the SDK is divided into the following sections.



Developer Information

Provides information about coding with the Advertising SDK.

Getting Started

Describes the prerequisites and installation of the Advertising SDK.

Developer Walkthroughs

Provides walkthroughs that create simple apps with ads.

Additional Coding Examples

Provides more examples of programming with the Advertising SDK.

API Reference

Provides reference documentation for the APIs in the SDK.

Support and Feedback

Get product support or report a bug in the advertising SDK by visiting the Windows 8 Dev Center support page (scroll down to the section "Microsoft Advertising support").

Send feedback about this documentation to There is no product support through this alias. Documentation feedback only.

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