Keyboard Filter Technical Reference (Standard 7 SP1)


Keyboard Filter is an Embedded Enabling Feature (EEF) that enables you to block entry of unwanted keys or key combinations. Keyboard Filter includes many commonly used predefined key filters. In addition, you can easily create your own custom key filters for your embedded device.

Keyboard Filter Overview

Provides information about Keyboard Filter including common usage, limitations, and event logging.

Keyboard Filter Basics

How to get started using predefined and custom key filters.

Predefined Key Filter Configuration

Provides information about how to configure predefined key filters by using the Local Group Policy Editor.

Custom Key Filter Configuration

Provides information about creating and using custom key filters.

Keyboard Filter Service

Provides information about using the Keyboard Filter service.

Keyboard Filter and On-Screen Keyboard

Provides information about limitations and considerations when using On-Screen Keyboard with Keyboard Filter.

Using Keyboard Filter with Non-English Interfaces

Provides information about how to use Keyboard Filter with non-US keyboards and non-English languages.

Keyboard Filter Reference

Provides reference information for predefined key filters, virtual keys, and event logs.