Optimizer Service

This page has been deprecated and the content will not be refreshed as of February 2013.

Instead please see Optimizer Service Reference, Optimizing Campaigns, or Bing Ads API Overview.

The Optimizer service provides operations that you can use to discover opportunities for improving the performance of your campaigns.

To identify campaigns that have been paused or are in jeopardy of being paused due to budget-related issues, call the GetBudgetOpportunities operation. The response contains a list of BudgetOpportunity objects that recommends a budget, which may increase the campaign’s clicks and impressions and decrease the chance of the campaign being paused for budget-related reasons.

To identify which keyword’s performance may be improved with minimal increase in cost per click, call the GetBidOpportunities operation. The response contains a list of BidOpportunity objects that suggest a bid value that may increase clicks and impressions while minimally increasing costs.

To identify keywords that are relevant to an ad group, call the GetKeywordOpportunities operation. The response includes KeywordOpportunity objects that contain the suggested keyword, exact-match bid value and the estimated monthly volume of user search queries that exactly matches the keyword. Applying the opportunity adds the keyword to the ad group.

The Get operations return an opportunity object, which contains an OpportunityKey element that identifies the opportunity. To apply the opportunities, create a list of the opportunity keys and pass them to the ApplyOpportunities operation.

The opportunity is valid until you apply it or it expires. The ExpirationDate element of the opportunity object indicates the expiration date. The response of the Get operations include previously returned opportunities that have not been applied or have not expired.