URI Creation for Microsoft URS


All URIs used to request data from Microsoft URS resources share a common root URI: https://api.datamarket.azure.com/Microsoft/UtilityRateService. This root is followed by the name of the resource that you are querying, and then by a series of other parameters to refine your query. All URIs should contain the query filter IntendedUse eq ‘Production’ to ensure that real (production) data is returned. To view metadata (including schemas) for all resources provided by Microsoft URS, use the following URI that you can access without DataMarket authentication:
https://api.datamarket.azure.com /Microsoft/UtilityRateService/$metadata. You can use the URS metadata to determine which properties can be set to null, and to determine which properties can be used to create URI queries. Properties that can be set to null are noted as such with the Nullable="true" attribute. Properties that can be used to create URI queries are noted with the Queryable="true" attribute.

Microsoft URS URI Syntax

Information about the syntax used in Microsoft URS URIs.

Example URIs

Examples of the various URI queries you can use with Microsoft URS.