This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Analysis of Project Files Was Not Completed

Visual Studio 2005

The Upgrade Wizard analyzes your Visual J++ 6.0 project to detect upgrade issues. During analysis, an error was encountered which resulted in the upgrade analysis being incomplete. Hence, all upgrade issues may not have been detected and added to the Upgrade Report. Building and running the upgraded project may not be successful unless all upgrade issues are detected and rectified.

The reason for the error during analysis may be one of the following:

If your Visual J++ 6.0 project contains syntax errors or other errors that will make the build fail in Visual J++ 6.0, then it will also fail during upgrade analysis. To upgrade successfully, ensure that the project is building and running under Visual J++ 6.0, and then try to upgrade again.

If your project references classes or COM objects external to the project, then there is a likelihood that these missing references resulted in the upgrade analysis being incomplete. It is recommended that you upgrade the Visual J++ 6.0 project again, adding all external references in the "Add References" page of the Upgrade Wizard. For more information on how to do this, see Upgrade Wizard: Add Project References.