This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Comment_Editor_Prompt Initialization Variable

Visual Studio 2005

Specifies Yes (default) to enable a prompt when you enter a comment using an editor program, and No to disable the prompt. This initialization variable applies only to the Visual SourceSafe command line utility SS (Ss.exe).

Comment_Editor_Prompt = {Yes|No}

When you are entering a comment at the command line, the Editor and Comment_Editor initialization variables invoke an editor program in which you can enter your comment. When the editor is displayed, it contains a prompt such as:

Enter a comment for TEST.C; then save and exit.

Since this prompt is not saved with your comment, you do not have to delete it.

You can set this variable in your Ss.ini file directly or in Visual SourceSafe Explorer. In Visual SourceSafe Explorer, use the SourceSafe Options dialog box, Command Line Options tab. Select the Use editor to prompt for comments and Use prompt string check boxes to set this variable to Yes.

Enables the editor prompt:

Comment_Editor_Prompt = Yes