This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Language References 

This section contains topics and links related to programming languages.

In This Section

Language Equivalents

Compares keywords, operators, data types, and controls for each of the languages in Visual Studio.

ASCII Character Codes

Provides charts containing the decimal and hexadecimal values of the extended ASCII character set.


Visual Basic Language and Run-Time Reference

Discusses keywords, constants, data types, and so on.

C# Programmer's Reference

Provides reference material and topics on how to program in C#.

Visual J# Reference

Documents Visual J# compiler options, language support, and class library support.

Visual C++ Reference

Jumps to all languages and libraries supported in Visual C++.

JScript Reference

Discusses the object model, functions, statements, operators.

Related Sections

.NET Framework Class Library Reference

Contains a complete set of reference topics for the .NET Framework.


Includes the user interface reference, language reference, error message, and other reference topics that apply to the integrated development environment.