This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Call this function to enable a control bar to be docked.

void EnableDocking( 
   DWORD dwDockStyle  


Specifies whether the control bar supports docking and the sides of its parent window to which the control bar can be docked, if supported. Can be one or more of the following:

  • CBRS_ALIGN_TOP   Allows docking at the top of the client area.

  • CBRS_ALIGN_BOTTOM   Allows docking at the bottom of the client area.

  • CBRS_ALIGN_LEFT   Allows docking on the left side of the client area.

  • CBRS_ALIGN_RIGHT   Allows docking on the right side of the client area.

  • CBRS_ALIGN_ANY   Allows docking on any side of the client area.

  • CBRS_FLOAT_MULTI   Allows multiple control bars to be floated in a single mini-frame window.

If 0 (that is, indicating no flags), the control bar will not dock.

The sides specified must match one of the sides enabled for docking in the destination frame window, or the control bar cannot be docked to that frame window.

Header: afxext.h