Ad Intelligence Service

This page has been deprecated and the content will not be refreshed as of February 2013.

Instead please see Ad Intelligence Service Reference, Researching and Pricing Keywords, or Bing Ads API Overview.

The Ad Intelligence service provides operations that you can use to get information about how keywords have performed historically, the suggested relevant keywords from the content of a specified URL or from other keywords, the suggested minimum keyword bid that may result in ads appearing in the specified position in the search results, and the possible position where ads might appear given the specified bid.

The results also include estimates of clicks, average cost per click (CPC), impressions, click-through rate (CTR), and total cost that the specified keyword could generate.

For examples that show how to use many of the operations that this service provides, see Using the Ad Intelligence Service.

For details about the operations included in this service, see Ad Intelligence Service Reference.

For the web service address of this service, see Ad Intelligence Web Service Addresses.