HTTP Source Filter (Compact 7)


HTTP Source Filter supports HTTP 1.0 and 1.1 on demand streaming for content that is not in Windows Media format. This filter connects to any HTTP server compliant with the W3C HTTP specification. The HTTP Source Filter does not support streaming with an internal buffer. The output pin of the HTTP Streamer connects to the Buffering Stream Filter.

The following table shows the filter properties.

Filter property Description

Filter Interfaces

IBaseFilter Interface


IFileSourceFilter Interface


Input Pin DirectShow Media Types

Not applicable

Input Pin Media Subtypes

Not applicable

Input Pin Interfaces

Not applicableIAsyncReader Interface

Output Pin Media Types


Output Pin Media Subtypes

FourCC GUID matching the file extension

Output Pin Interfaces

IPin Interface

IAsyncReader Interface IQualityControl

Filter CLSID




SYSGEN Variable




Chunked encoding and the connection-close HTTP header are supported by the HTTP Source Filter. It does not support pipelining. Seeking is supported if the media is streamed over HTTP1.1. The HTTTP 1.0 protocol does not support seeking.

The Windows Media Source Filter supports Windows Media content.

Because the media type of the output pin of the HTTP streamer is MEDIATYPE_STREAM_UNBUFFERED, you must set the downstream filter to either the Buffering Stream Filter or a demultiplexer capable of handling unbuffered streaming media. The output pin allocator must be provided by the downstream filter.