Remote Tools in Platform Builder (Compact 7)


This section provides information about remote tools that you can use to collect and analyze data from a Windows Embedded Compact powered device for performance tuning, testing, and debugging.

Remote File Viewer

Copies a file from a computer that has Platform Builder installed to a device.

Remote Registry Editor

Views and modifies the registry on a device.

Remote System Information

Provides information about the properties and system settings on a device.

Remote Tool Bundler Tool

Creates a plug-in .cetool file for a custom remote tool.

Remote Tools Profiler

Assesses performance of a run-time image or application by using either instrumentation or sampling, and supports Monte Carlo profiling.

Remote Resource Consumer

Provides information about resource consumption on a device.

Remote Resource Leak Detector

Provides the ability to detect resource leaks on a device.

Remote Timeline Viewer

Displays system, power events, and activities by hosting the following tools: Performance Monitor, Power Monitor, and Kernel Tracker.

Remote Tools Shell

Provides the ability to use plug-ins based on the Remote Tools Framework, and to view plug-in properties.



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