Application Development (Compact 2013)


To develop applications that will run on the operating system that you build for your Windows Embedded Compact powered device, add support for application development features.

For example, you can implement Windows Embedded Compact APIs to develop managed applications, Active Template Library (ATL) or Component Object Model (COM) applications, or other applications that use XML data.

.NET Compact Framework

Microsoft .NET Compact Framework is a hardware-independent program execution environment for managed code that runs on Windows Embedded Compact applications.

Active Template Library (ATL)

ATL provides a development framework for creating C++ applications for Windows Embedded Compact.

Browser Support Catalog Items and SYSGEN Variables

Provides reference information about the catalog items and associated SYSGEN variables that you can use to add WinInet and MSHTML support to your OS.

C and C++ Libraries for Windows Embedded Compact

Provides reference information about the C function library.


COM is a platform-independent, distributed, object-oriented system for creating binary software components that can interact.

Diagnostic and Debugging Tools Catalog Items and SYSGEN Variables

These SYSGENs provide support that allows you to use Application Builder debugging and the Remote Tools.


Windows Embedded Compact supports a subset of XML.


By using XmlLite you can build XML-based applications that can interoperate with other applications that adhere to the XML 1.0 standard.

Scripting Languages

Describes Microsoft VBScript and Microsoft Jscript scripting languages used by run-time engines.