This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Compatibility Issue in Class

Visual Studio 2005

In Visual J#, the following methods of the class are not supported:

  • IntRanges.condense(IIntRangeComparator judge )

  • IntRanges.intersect(IntRanges other, IIntRangeComparator judge)

  • IntRanges.removeRange(int i, IIntRangeComparator hook)

  • IntRanges.removeRange(int s, int e, IIntRangeComparator hook)

  • IntRanges.removeRanges(int s, int count, IIntRangeComparator hook)

  • IntRanges.removeSingleton(int n, IIntRangeComparator hook)

  • IntRanges.sort(IIntRangeComparator judge )

  • (IntRanges intRange1, IIntRangeComparator judge)