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Provides basic object-dumping capability in your application.

CDumpContext afxDump;


afxDump is a predefined CDumpContext object that allows you to send CDumpContext information to the debugger output window or to a debug terminal. Typically, you supply afxDump as a parameter to CObject::Dump.

Under Windows NT and all versions of Windows, afxDump output is sent to the Output-Debug window of Visual C++ when you debug your application.

This variable is defined only in the Debug version of MFC. For more information on afxDump, see Debugging MFC Applications. Technical Note 7 and Technical Note 12 contain additional information.

Note   This function works only in the Debug version of MFC.


// example for afxDump
CPerson myPerson = new CPerson;
// set some fields of the CPerson object...
// now dump the contents
#ifdef _DEBUG
afxDump << "Dumping myPerson:\n";
myPerson->Dump( afxDump );
afxDump << "\n";

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