This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Sets the locking mode to "optimistic" locking (the default) or "pessimistic" locking. Determines how records are locked for updates.

void SetLockingMode(
   UINT nMode 



Contains one of the following values from the enum LockMode:

  • optimistic   Optimistic locking locks the record being updated only during the call to Update.

  • pessimistic   Pessimistic locking locks the record as soon as Edit is called and keeps it locked until the Update call completes or you move to a new record.

Call this member function if you need to specify which of two record-locking strategies the recordset is using for updates. By default, the locking mode of a recordset is optimistic. You can change that to a more cautious pessimistic locking strategy. Call SetLockingMode after you construct and open the recordset object but before you call Edit.