Message Queue Browser Dialog Box

Allows you to choose a queue to assign to various properties for a MessageQueue component; for example, you can set queues to gather journal messages, acknowledgement messages, and response messages generated in response to your MessageQueue component's activities.

You access the Message Queue Browser dialog box from the Properties window when you are working with a MessageQueue component. For each property that must be set to the name of a particular queue (such as the Administration Queue and Response Queue properties), you can click the expander button to see this dialog box.

Select Message Queue

Lists available queues on the current computer. Select the queue in which you are interested, and then click OK.

Reference Queue By

Indicates how the location of the queue should be stored: by a path value, by a format name, or by label. A path value provides a unique identifier for a queue by computer and queue name. A format name is generated by Message Queuing and cannot be duplicated. A label is a descriptive and potentially non-unique name for a queue. For more information on choosing between these items, see Queue Reference Recommendations.

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