This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Choosing a Return Value for a Replacement Method 

Return a value from a replacement method, CheckValidRequest, or ValidateAndExchange based on the following guidelines:

To continue default rendering of a response

  • Return HTTP_SUCCESS or any HTTP success code except HTTP_SUCCESS_NO_PROCESS and HTTP_S_FALSE.

To prevent or discontinue rendering of a while or if block

  1. Return HTTP_S_FALSE to continue rendering the response from the point after the current block.


  2. See the following procedure.

To discontinue further rendering of a response

  1. Return HTTP_SUCCESS_NO_PROCESS to return the response generated by your request handler at this point.


  2. Return any HTTP error value to return the response provided by the ATL Server error response generation mechanism.

To trigger the ATL Server error response generation mechanism

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